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Mountain Apple Brand Cookie Bites


Choose from Mac Nut or Chocolate Chip

6 oz.

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Mountain Apple Brand Cookie Bites
6 oz. bag

Choose from Mac Nut or Chocolate Chip

The Mountain Apple Brand® label consists of food products grown, processed or manufactured in Hawai‘i.  KTA strongly supports the concept of grown-in Hawai‘i foods and believes it offers local pride and sustainability to build on. To these themes, it adds the Hawaiian value of lokahi, or working together, and the Japanese principle of kaizen, or continuously striving for improvement. Thus, the response to the above was KTA’s Mountain Apple Brand® label. This vision encapsulated in the “Mountain Apple” name itself. The mountain apple or ʻohiʻa-ʻai, was one of the twenty-four “canoe plants” brought to Hawai‘i by Polynesian voyagers 1,500 years ago. Like taro, coconut, breadfruit, bananas, sugar, bamboo and other island staples, the mountain apple was fundamental to the sustenance of the Polynesian culture newly transplanted to Hawai‘i.

KTA supports community partnerships and business opportunities for the people of the island. We are committed to the vast potential of the diversified agriculture and Hawai‘i’s determined and hard-working people. Purchasing locally produced and manufactured goods and supporting Hawai‘i Island companies generates jobs, supports the local economy and helps improve this special place we call home. KTA Super Stores salutes the many Mountain Apple Brand® vendors who supply fresh farm products and unique island food preparations to the people of Hawai‘i. This growing family of vendors truly “brings the goodness of Hawai‘i home.”


Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 4 in

Mac Nut, Chocolate Chip


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