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1916 Dried Mango
1916 Dried Mango

Our Price: $6.79

1916 Sweetened Dried Mango
1 lb. bag

Premium quality. Excellence. Distinction. The best products from around the world, hand-picked and produced just for you. The 1916 label means this and more.

Yukiwo Taniguchi, also known as Mr. Y, was the first-born son of KTA Super Stores founders Koichi and Taniyo Taniguchi and served as KTA’s chairman for a number of years. In addition to fulfilling the community’s need for grocery and household goods, Mr. Y always stressed the need for new, innovative, and unique products.

To inspire new ideas, Mr. Y would take business trips around the world and invite his buyers, one of which was Derek Kurisu, now Executive Vice President at KTA Super Stores. During these trips, Mr. Y would impart a sense of curiosity for the feelings, emotions, lifestyles, and most of all the tastes of these places. Salmon-throwing fishermen at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle, spoon-spinning cooks with their woks in the Orient, and markets with wet cement floors selling live turtles, goats and pigeons. Indeed, every place was alive with unique flavors, great in its own special way. Visiting these places inspired Derek to someday bring the uniqueness and distinction of products from around the world to the people of Hawaii.

Finally, in 2007, Derek Kurisu along with a team of buyers ventured to provide exquisite, premium quality products to the people of Hawaii Island, thus introducing their 1916 Brand, named to honor the year in which K. Taniguchi Store was founded. Products with the 1916 label were hand-selected exclusively for KTA Super Stores and produced with the excellence and distinction our customers deserve. Today, the 1916 label can be found on a multitude of fine wines, meats, and bread, to name a few. The roster continues to grow, with buyers continually searching for the best products to bring home to our customers.

With 1916, KTA Super Stores continues its commitment to fulfill the growing and changing needs of the Hawaii Island community. 1916: Bringing the greatness of world class products to you!